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Connected with Nature

October 30th 2018

I am sitting in the middle of Omani desert, watching breathtaking sunset. It's quiet... There are no sounds apart of wind and drifting sands. Once the sun is down, I will stay and watch shooting stars until I drift off to dreamless and sound sleep.

Anti-inflammatories: friends or foes?

September 25th 2018

The message you get might be confusing: one day you hear that inflammation is good for healing, next day you are told inflammation can cause serious damage to your vital organs. What is true then?

Intermittent fasting. And no, I don’t mean 10 minutes break between courses…

August 14th 2018

Right, I have to confess that I have been a foodie. And it did show. And I hated this devilish scale in my bathroom which stubbornly refused to show the numbers I wanted to see. And I have tried many things. And you know what? They all worked. But not for long... And then some months ago I came across intermittent fasting.