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Facet Joint Pain

November 18th 2019

Facet joints are a common cause of low back and/or neck pain. Learn what facet joints are, why they can hurt, and what treatment options are available.

Care Quality Commission registration

October 29th 2019

As you might have noticed, we haven't been on our blog for a while. The reason was we were very busy with Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration. The great news is we have granted the registration!

A2M – the new kid on the block…

June 19th 2019

A2M stands for Alpha - 2 - Macroglobulin. It is a natural large protein, produced in the liver and floating in our bloodstream.

Lipogems: stem cells or not?

January 13th 2019

Our first year

December 30th 2018

We are determined to give you the best possible service based on vast experience, sound scientific research and evidence based medicine. This is our plan for the New Year and many more years to come. 

Academic research in regenerative orthopaedic

December 3rd 2018

Every year many new papers are published in the field of regenerative orthopaedic, i.e. stem cells and PRP. Most of them are clinical papers written by people like me, practicing physicians, working with real patients. You can look at these papers like an exchange of opinions between peers. The papers differs in their value mainly due to gravity of presented medical evidence.

Connected with Nature

October 30th 2018

I am sitting in the middle of Omani desert, watching breathtaking sunset. It's quiet... There are no sounds apart of wind and drifting sands. Once the sun is down, I will stay and watch shooting stars until I drift off to dreamless and sound sleep.

Anti-inflammatories: friends or foes?

September 25th 2018

The message you get might be confusing: one day you hear that inflammation is good for healing, next day you are told inflammation can cause serious damage to your vital organs. What is true then?

Everything you always wanted to know about back pain but were afraid to ask…

September 11th 2018

Back pain is a major healthcare financial burden in the developed world. Besides it hurts... I have been treating patients with back pain for well over a decade. I call myself spine pain interventionist as I have been treating back pain with various non-invasive interventions, such as epidural steroid injection, facet joints injections, radiofrequency ablation and so on. And I have been trained by Spine Intervention Society and World Institute of Pain esteem Instructors, great doctors and teachers. And I have been fairly confident in my skills and training. But the trouble was that it didn't work as well as I would expect...