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Diagnosing and treating disc pain

February 1st 2020

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has been known for many years. So has Spectroscopy. But the recent advance is a combination of these two into one diagnostic tool. Spectroscopy is able to analyse a content of each and every disc and is able to show whether certain pain mediators are present in the disc or not, causing low back pain. Some clever researchers compared MRS with PD. The results were striking. MRS was far more accurate in diagnosing painful disc.

New Year resolutions

January 7th 2020

New Year time... Time for New Year resolutions. It is never too late to be active or even to start being active. We can help you achieve it, looking after your joints and spine.

Sports injuries

December 5th 2019

Regenerative orthopaedics, i.e. stem cells and platelet rich plasma (PRP) can be effective in a wide range of sport injury conditions, such as tendon injuries, tendonitis, muscle tears and injuries, rotator cuff tears, ligaments tears, tennis and golfer elbow and so on. The main advantage of regenerative orthopaedic over surgery is shorter recovery time and prevention of further damage. It applies not only to professional athletes but also to active people of all ages who want to enjoy active life. 

Facet Joint Pain

November 18th 2019

Facet joints are a common cause of low back and/or neck pain. Learn what facet joints are, why they can hurt, and what treatment options are available.

Care Quality Commission registration

October 29th 2019

As you might have noticed, we haven't been on our blog for a while. The reason was we were very busy with Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration. The great news is we have granted the registration!

A2M – the new kid on the block…

June 19th 2019

A2M stands for Alpha - 2 - Macroglobulin. It is a natural large protein, produced in the liver and floating in our bloodstream.

Lipogems: stem cells or not?

January 13th 2019

Our first year

December 30th 2018

We are determined to give you the best possible service based on vast experience, sound scientific research and evidence based medicine. This is our plan for the New Year and many more years to come. 

Academic research in regenerative orthopaedic

December 3rd 2018

Every year many new papers are published in the field of regenerative orthopaedic, i.e. stem cells and PRP. Most of them are clinical papers written by people like me, practicing physicians, working with real patients. You can look at these papers like an exchange of opinions between peers. The papers differs in their value mainly due to gravity of presented medical evidence.