2021 Global Year about Back Pain

14th February 2021

2021 has been announced a “Global Year About Back Pain” by leading pain organisations. Indeed back pain is a major healthcare financial burden in the developed world. Besides it hurts… And in the pandemic we spent more time at home, working in our ad-hoc “home offices”, be it a kitchen table or bedroom. We don’t have at home fancy ergonomic chairs and desks. And we move less. Hence we have seen a “pandemic” of lower back pains in recent twelve months.

Let me tell you my view on back pain treatments and how this view has evolved…

I have been treating patients with back pain for well over a decade. I call myself spine pain interventionist as I have been treating back pain with various non-invasive interventions, such as epidural steroid injection, facet joints injections, radiofrequency ablation and so on. And I have been trained by Spine Intervention Society and World Institute of Pain esteem Instructors, great doctors and teachers. And I have been fairly confident in my skills and training. But the trouble was that it didnt work as well as I would expect… The pain didnt go away or went away for a short while only. Overall the results were disappointing. And I didnt want to disappoint my patients who were suffering genuine back pain. And this is how I came across regenerative orthopaedics. For me its been a paradigm shift. Let me explain. For many years we believed that spine pain was caused by one, sometimes two pain generator in the spine, namely disc, facet joint, nerve root and so on and our role was to find this pain generator, treat it and pain would go away. This is very surgical” approach to the problem: find what is wrong, cut it off and patient is cured. I am not saying that this is overall wrong approach. Quite oposite, very often surgery is a life saving approach. But not in the most cases of back pain.

Regenerative orthopaedics and back pain

What I have learned from regenerative orthopaedics is looking at the spine and the rest of musculoskeletal system as a whole, as a well oiled machinery. And when one, even the smallest, element of this machinery fails the whole system brakes down. So if, for example, your disc doesnt work properly, not only your facet joints will start suffering but even your knee joint will start hurting. And this is the beauty and wisdom of regenerative orthopaedics: to take your body as a whole and to treat it as a whole, using your own natural forces, such as stem cells and blood platelets. Thanks to our cutting edge treatments and our own laboratory we are able to help your back to regain stability, flexibility and strength. We, unlike traditional pain management clinics, do not use steroids. Neither we burn nerve endings. Our goal is to find what is wrong with your spine and try to correct it. That’s why our treatments often provide long lasting substantial improvement in pain and mobility. 

There is no “quick fix”

Bear in mind that no intervention will help your back pain if it is not foregone by correct diet and supplements intake and followed by exercises and lifestyle change. That is why we always advise our patients to prepare for the treatment by reducing sugars, red meat and alcohol prior to the treatment, by taking supplements such as fish oils and turmeric and by keeping active. And there is no point to carry out the treatment if patients dont commit themselves to healthy diet and lifestyle afterwards. My point is, that if somebody promises you a quick fix” of your spine problem, run away, dont fall into the trap of easy and quick solution. There is no such one. Back pain is always complex and we are here to help you to manage it but without your engagement and effort no intervention will be successful.

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