From Our Patients

I have both my left knee and right knee treated at Algocells. I’ve previously had meniscus surgery on both knees elsewhere. The next stage for me was partial knee replacements. I was an very active walker and hill/ mountain climber but I was at a stage where the pain out weighed the pleasure!

I had stem cell treatment to my left knee in October 2018 six months down the line it is now pretty much pain free and has a great range of movement. My right knee had the same procedure 5 weeks ago and is going the same way as my left. For anyone in severe pain, even general discomfort and unable to walk around freely I suggest you enquire as to your suitability for the treatment. Dr. M Juozaitis and his team are amazing. My life is getting back on track health and pleasure wise back cycling and walking already and in training for 119 mile charity ride in June. Thanks guys I can’t be thankful enough .


I used to be a very active person. Walk everywhere, dancing, exercising, working and taking care my husband and 2 children.

Two years ago I torn both the miniscus in my right knee.

My life and my family’s life completely change. I couldn’t do anything as I used too. No gym, no dancing,no srairs, no walking, no housework, no job. I was getting more and more depressed. I didn’t want to go through arthroscopy, that the doctors offer me, and cut off part of my miniscus.

I heard about regenexx but I knew it was in America and it was impossible for me to go there. When I found that actually there is One in England, as Agocell, I contacted them straight away. The doctor called me back and explain everything to me. I was very impressed with their service!! I booked and appointment for a consultation and after Christmas I had the stem cell therapy!!! Dr Kirkok, my doctor and Kerry, his assistant were FANTASTIC!!! Very friendly and professional!! The procedure was very very smooth, and the pain was bearable!! After 6 weeks I went for the first time for a small walk and I had no pain, though my knee still felt little bit weak. Since that day my knee has gotten stronger and faster when I walk longer distance. I have no pain when I go up the stairs and little by little I got my life back!! I’m so happy!! Thank you Algocells!!


All in all, I’m extremely pleased with the way it’s going and I’m doing my best to get into the 60 to 100% improvement group!

Kind regards and best wishes to Dr Kirkor.


I had been suffering with knee pain for quite some time due to parcial meniscus removal in my right knee at the age of 18. When I was 19 I had another arthroscopic surgery for meniscus tear in my left knee. Again part of my meniscus was cut off instead of being repaired. Since then I had to limit any sports activity and had to sit at the concerts instead of standing close to the stage. But the pain was manageable. This year I went to Cape Town and decided to hike the Table Mountain. The next day I was not able to move, and the pain was not going away even after few weeks. I had to work from home because I was not able to drive, I couldn’t even walk my dog. I visited dozens of doctors – orthopaedists, physiotherapists, traumatologists. Had x-rays and MRIs made. The diagnosis sounded like a sentence: progressing arthrosis leading to knee replacement in the future.Then I came across Algocells. I flew to Birmingham full of hope and was not disappointed. I had Regenexx SCP procedure done on both of my knees. The team of specialists who performed the procedure are doing an amazing job – thank you dr Zbigniew, Kerry and Charles. The injection was painful but bearable since everyone was very supportive and friendly. I was able to walk almost right after the procedure.Now I’m six weeks after the Blood Platelet treatment and returning to my normal life. My dog is happy again since we resumed long walks. And I will be able to dance on my best friend’s wedding 🙂 Thank you Algocells!


Hi Erin, Thanks for the follow-up! I’m doing great. A few weeks after the procedure I started running again for the first time in three years and it hurt a little after a few days so I slowed it down and haven’t tried again yet but will soon because I’ve otherwise been entirely pain-free, even with the twists and turns that hurt before. It seems like that one treatment was all I needed.

Thank you!


Just a few lines to say a very belated “Thank you” to you, Erin and your team for the treatment that I received in August. Things are definitely less painful and I have to say I feel so good it’s difficult to remember where and how uncomfortable things were.