Connected with Nature

30th October 2018

I am sitting in the middle of Omani desert, watching breathtaking sunset. It’s quiet… There are no sounds apart of wind and drifting sands. Once the sun is down, I will stay and watch shooting stars until I drift off to dreamless and sound sleep. And when I wake up it will be still dark and quiet. The sand will be cool and damp, the air fresh and welcoming. Day after day… Nature in its essence. And it’s so good to feel being part of it. I think we have forgotten that we are part of this beautiful world and that world has so much to offer. But we don’t want to take it! We have created our own world with all those gizmos and gadgets, artificial food, chemicals, medicines, forgetting and ignoring simple fact that all we need is here in front of us, within reach. And within us, like our body’s own healing powers and abilities. All we need is to take what the Nature offers us so generously. Don’t reject it and replace with artificial products. I asked my Bedouin friend what had changed in his life when the country became rich thirty years ago. He said: “Nothing”. He still sleeps in the desert,  keeps camels, eats simple food and lives with and within Nature. I am not saying that we all should drop everything and move to the desert. But if we could make a small effort, slow down for a moment, look around and appreciate the Nature around us and within us, I am sure we would be happier and healthier human beings. (zk)