Traveling to the UK for treatment

3rd June 2020

We are now at a stage where we can move forward with providing safe, effective treatments to our international patients, in accordance with UKBA and government guidelines.

  Recently the UK government has made exemption rules regarding quarantine for people travelling to the UK to receive medical treatment.  This means that you would be exempt to quarantine in UK allowing you to access treatment in our clinic.  Please find the enclose link here:

We will do what we can to assist you by providing required documentation confirming treatment with us as the purpose for your visit to the UK.  There may be some rules or restrictions applied on leaving or returning to your home country which may be different to UK and we strongly advise to contact your country home office for the latest advise to avoid any surprises.  We would also strongly advise to get tested for COVID 19 and have prove of results before traveling for variety of reasons like some hotels may require you to provide evidence of negative covid test and treatmnt would likely to be less or not effective during active viral infection. We may help patients in UK with test. Outside UK we would ask you to seek testing from providers in your own country due to logistical reasons.

We have also liaised with a couple local hotels that have assured us that they would be willing to provide accommodation for our patients in line with distancing and viral infection spread prevention guidelines. We have assured the hotels that in order to receive treatment with us, we will require that anyone travelling to the UK provide proof that they have been tested and are not infected with Covid-19 prior to travel. For ease, the hotels we have sourced are here:

The Limes:  Forshaw Heath Ln, Earlswood, Solihull B94 5JZ  : +44 1564 703444

Old Farm Hotel : Bournville:  +44 121 458 3146

Please check that you have secured hotel accommodation prior to booking travel as options and availability are severely limited .

Although it is not an ideal situation we really are trying to do what we can to ensure that you have the best experience with us at Algocells.