Why Regenexx® family of non-surgical stem-cell & blood platelet procedures?

1st September 2018

I think this is a very important question you, the Blog esteem visitor, is right to ask. Why would or should you, of all available stem cells procedures, choose Regenexx? OK, let me explain by telling you why we, myself and my Colleague Dr Juozaitis have chosen Regenexx as the next step in our successful careers. When we decided to venture on regenerative orthopaedics, which we have thought a future of pain management, we had a choice:  to approach one of several companies selling semiautomatic and automatic stem cell systems and start our own learning curve or to choose a company who train, teach and support. We have decided the latter and the choice has been very simple: Regenexx with their incredible experience, wast amount of training videos, protocols and guidelines, constant support and excellent hands-on training. So if you search for a genuine provider whom you are going to allow to take your bone marrow and inject your own precious stem cells into you joint or spine, you have every right to know what training they have had and what’s their continuous professional development (CPD) is. I actually like when patient asks me these questions as it gives me the opportunity to explain and present how I have been trained and what my CPD is. I am proud of it and so is Dr Juozaitis so don’t be shy and ask us these questions. We are more than happy to answer them. (zk)