Our first year

30th December 2018

End of a year. Time for a brief summary. Last January we signed the contract with Regenexx, followed by extensive training in Centeno Shultz Clinic in Colorado. Finally, after two years of preparations, in May we opened Algocells Clinics in London and Birmingham. During past twelve months we have received Regenexx certifications for almost all their patented procedures for spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee and ankle. Each certificate means hands-on training, lectures, videos and final test to pass. Each certificate means a lot of effort and work but also immense satisfaction and achievement. For you, as a patient, it means that we offer you exactly the same treatment as any other Regenexx clinic around the world with strict quality and efficacy measures. We are very proud of our achievements, we are proud of being part of Regenexx and we are thrilled being able to bring the world leading treatments to the UK and Europe. We know that Regenexx treatments are not the cheapest but we are convinced that they are among the best. We don’t want to offer you a cheap service. We are determined to give you the best possible service based on vast experience, sound scientific research and evidence based medicine. This is our plan for the New Year and many more years to come.