MAX Covid-19 Protection Zone

12th May 2020

The time is coming when we will be able to reopen our treatment centre! It is a great news for all of us. Our mission is to treat you, patients in need and in pain. But we are aware of our responsibility to treat you in a safe environment, protecting you and ourselves from the infection. That’s why, following Regenexx guidelines, we are launching a six steps MAX Covid-19 Protection Zone to make sure that our treatments are provided in the safe conditions.



Step one: waiting room

Your waiting room will be in your car if possible. If you arrived in taxi you will be able to wait in the general waiting area in Dolan Park Hospital. However we advise that you should wait outside, weather permit.

Step two: frequent hand washing

This is the basic recommendation  and our clinic provides many facilities to allow for frequent hand washing.

Step three: we are tested and either negative or immune

We will be taking serology tests in order to detect either immunity or negative. We want to make sure that we do not spread the infection. Our clinic is equipped with certified, reliable quick serology test kits which detect immunoglobulins produced by our body in response to the viral infection. There are two types of immunoglobulins: IgM and IgG. The former kicks in approximately 5-7 days after the infection and circulates in the bloodstream for three weeks or so. The latter is detectable after two weeks after the infection and lasts for several months or even years. The test shows three results: no immunoglobulin detected, which means that the person is most likely not infected; IgM is detected what means that the person was infected recently and finally IgG is detected which indicates infection in more distant past. You might notice a caveat here: if the person acquired the virus less than seven days before the test, it might still show no immunoglobulins. There is no 100% proof. We are determined to provide as much proof as we can but 100% is not possible. It means that there is always a risk but we do our best to minimise it.

Step four: masks

We all wear masks and we will also ask you to wear one when you are in the clinic. This is yet another layer of protection. Sometimes it might be impossible or impractical to keep 6-feet distance in clinical setting. The mask will protect both you and us from infection.

Step five: air purifier

We use special air purifiers in our premises. They are equipped with HEPA filters and UV light. Filters provide a barrier for most bacterias and viruses, whereas UV light additionally kills germ in the air. Our rooms are frequently and regularly treated with air purifiers.

Step six: disinfectants

We use disinfectants in all our rooms. We treat all surfaces with them, including chairs, tables, operating equipment, floors, worktops and so on. We use them during the procedures and between treatments.

We believe that the above steps provide safe environment where we are able to provide our treatments to you. If you have any questions, please, contact us before your scheduled treatment. (ZK)