A2M – the new kid on the block…

19th June 2019

A2M stands for Alpha – 2 – Macroglobulin. It is a natural large protein, produced in the liver and floating in our bloodstream.

Why are we so excited about A2M?

Well, because A2M has got some amazing features which opens all new doors in regenerative orthopaedics. It all started with a study published some years ago. In this study A2M managed to slow down and reduce joint arthritis! It appears that A2M is able to catch some other molecules, MMP13, responsible for cartilage damage. Even better: one bit of A2M can catch two bits of MMP13! So A2M works like a scavenger picking up all the bad stuff in the joint and allowing the cartilage to regenerate.

Who does it work for?

It seems that A2M works well for patients with a lot of swelling and inflammation in the joints as well as for those who did not respond well to a highly concentrated PRP. There are also some early studies suggesting that A2M might be helpful in treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Why Regenexx A2M?

As with other orthobiologics we use, Regenexx has designed its own laboratory protocol in order to get a good, concentrated and pure product.